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Madison – In 2005, at the behest of the NRA, Congress passed laws to protect gun manufacturers from liability for any and all gun deaths, an unprecedented protection not provided to any other industry. As a result, victims of gun violence cannot seek damages from gun manufacturers. This often leaves victims and their families with incredible financial burdens from medical expenses to funeral costs. Today, Rep. Anderson introduced legislation that would require gun manufacturers who sell weapons in Wisconsin to pay a small fee to create a fund that will be used to help the victims of gun violence. He released the following statement:

“Wisconsinites should not bear the pain and financial burden that comes with being a victim of gun violence on their own. Just as we have insurance to protect the victims of irresponsible drivers or restitution for the victims of robbery or assault, we ought to provide support to victims of gun violence who are often nothing more than innocent bystanders.

“Unfortunately, the NRA and gun manufacturers have written the rules allowing them to escape legal responsibility for the gun violence that plagues our communities, and most sadly, our children. This proposal will ensure that gun manufacturers will at least take financial responsibility for the damage their products cause. Victims of gun violence deserve a chance to put their lives back together. This proposal is a good first step.”

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