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Madison – With the news that Lincoln Hills Correctional facility is completely out of control with juvenile inmates waving pipes on the prison roof, Rep. Anderson released the following statement about the incident and Governor Walker’s mismanagement of the Executive Branch:

“Can anyone name a state agency under Governor Walker that’s properly functioning? The DNR has been completely decimated and can no longer enforce our laws leaving many families without drinkable water in places like Kewaunee County. The WEDC cannot produce jobs numbers for many of its past deals, recipients of taxpayer funds illegally spent that money on sports cars, and now we hear that there are significant problems with the Foxconn contract jeopardizing billions of taxpayer dollars.  The King Veterans home has been terribly mismanaged, endangering the safety of our elderly veterans. The Department of Transportation miscalculated the cost of a handful of road projects by an astonishing three billion dollars, which has resulted in delays that will eat up taxpayer dollars for years. And now we are seeing staff members at Lincoln Hills being abused and juvenile inmates being placed in dangerous conditions, all because they aren’t receiving the resources they need to keep everyone safe. Is Wisconsin working? Scott Walker’s executive branch certainly isn’t.”

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