Fitchburg – I am excited to announce that I have joined the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus. As many Midwesterners know, our Great Lakes are a national treasure that need to be defended and preserved. Unfortunately, under President Trump’s proposed budget, he has requested significant cuts to the EPA including the elimination of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. This move is so extreme that even Governor Walker, who has not been a friend to environmental protection, has criticized the shuttering of this important program.

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is pivotal to the region because it prevents invasive species from entering lakes, reduces harmful and toxic algae blooms, and is responsible for funding the cleanup of contamination related to our industrial past. Without the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the economic and environmental progress of the region will be lost. Simply put, it makes no sense to turn our back on a program that has proven itself an effective and efficient tool in preserving our Great Lakes.

I will finish by saying that it is not enough to cheer from the sidelines. If you care about the health of our environment, you must get involved. Just this week, President Trump signed an executive order that unravels the Clean Power Plan eliminating any possibility that we will meet our promise to reduce carbon emissions under the Paris Climate Agreement. Much like the elimination of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, this move is stupid and harmful. The work I hope to accomplish by joining the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus is one way that I will push back against President Trump’s aggressive anti-earth agenda. I hope you will join us.

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