Madison – Today the Committee on Science and Technology heard testimony from stakeholders across Wisconsin regarding AB 206, which puts in danger the accreditation of the OB/GYN residency program at the UW Medical School. This proposal would make it harder to attract and retain OB/GYN professionals in Wisconsin and further imperil access to healthcare for women particularly in our rural communities. Rep. Anderson released the following statement about the proposal from Representative Andre Jacque.

“This bill is once again another attempt by Wisconsin Republicans to attack our UW system and deny women from receiving the healthcare they need. By preventing OB/GYN residents from learning abortion services as mandated by the AGCME, the group responsible for accrediting medical school residency programs, the UW Medical School will likely lose its accreditation. Without this important training, OB/GYN residents will lose out on the opportunity to be fully prepared for any pregnancy related emergency, which will put women’s lives at risk. With 20 counties in Wisconsin already without a practicing OB/GYN, this proposal will only make access to vital healthcare more challenging.”

Anderson added, “Proponents of this bill are comfortable supporting policies with no regard to their potential impact on the UW. The Wisconsin GOP’s relentless focus on their narrow ideological goals mirrors the irresponsible approach President Trump and Congressional Republicans have taken to dismantle the US healthcare system. We need healthcare policies that work for everyone and don’t leave Wisconsinites without access.”

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