Contact: Logan Vidal
(608) 266-8570

Madison, Wisconsin – Last night Senate Republicans introduced a tax cut bill that removes tax credits and deductions for middle class families, makes $25 billion in cuts to Medicare, and repeals the individual mandate which would cause thirteen million people to lose their healthcare and make premiums rise for people all across the country. In response to this disastrous bill Rep. Anderson released the following statement:

“We need a tax system that rewards work and invests in our priorities. Privileging wealth over income places a boot on the neck of Wisconsin families all to ensure that the wealthiest evade taxes. This bill isn’t pro-growth, it’s anti-opportunity. It removes tax deductions for people trying to go to school, making college less affordable and putting the American dream out of reach for millions of Americans. It will cause millions of Americans to lose their health coverage, and premiums will skyrocket for families who don’t get coverage through work. This bill privileges wealthpunishes work, and taxes opportunity while taking healthcare away from thirteen million Americans. This bill is corporate welfare subsidized on the backs of middle class families. Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan should be ashamed.”


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