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Fitchburg – On the upcoming vote on regulation of High Capacity Wells, SB 76, Rep. Jimmy Anderson issued the following statement.

“On the list of government priorities it is hard to think of a clearer or more necessary function than access to clean water. Everyone has a right to clean water and as such we have a responsibility to ensure access for the public, access for the agricultural industry, and ensuring that our lakes, streams, and aquifers have sufficient water to preserve wildlife and provide necessary water resources. High capacity wells need to be well regulated in order to protect the public, the agricultural industry, and the environment. We cannot afford to tilt the playing field in any one direction, as it will drastically harm the other two. This bill endangers access to clean water for thousands of Wisconsinites, while potentially draining our lakes and streams hampering tourism and the environment. We need to empower the DNR to regulate our water supplies, not strip them of their ability to protect the public. I will oppose SB 76 as written and I call on my colleagues to follow suit and re-draft legislation regulating a vital Wisconsin resource.”

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