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Madison – Rep. Anderson has joined with members of the Progressive Work Group to put forth an economic agenda that would place the focus on middle class families in the state. The proposal would eliminate tax loopholes and unfair corporate tax breaks while providing tax relief to middle-class families who currently pay the largest percentage of their income in taxes out of any other group in Wisconsin. The effort is part of a larger action by progressives across the country to fight the economic policies proposed by President Trump and other conservatives like Governor Walker who have slashed taxes for corporations and the extremely wealthy.

“While the top one percent in Wisconsin has thrived in recent years, incomes across the rest of the state have grown by just 4% over the last few decades”. Anderson said. “For too long we’ve subsidized the wealthy by placing the heaviest tax burden on middle class families. It makes no sense that a dozen people received $22 million in tax credits while middle-class families are asked to pay for more and more. That ends now. Under our new plan, middle-class families in Wisconsin would receive roughly $600 per year in tax savings, which will bolster our local economy and put more money into the pockets of the real hard-working taxpayers in our state.”

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