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MADISON…State Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) voted in favor of the state budget bill, which passed the State Assembly today. August praised the budget as being a “taxpayers-first” budget.

“The state budget we passed tonight improves Governor Walker’s proposal by protecting middle class taxpayers,” said August. “The budget proposal puts taxpayers-first by spending less and taxing less.”

Overall, the budget spends $500 million less and cuts 432 state employees compared to the Governor’s original proposal. The budget also includes a provision that protects taxpayers by requiring referenda to be limited to regularly scheduled elections. August stressed the importance of the elimination of the “state” line-item on everyone’s property tax bills.

“It is pretty significant that we actually eliminated an entire tax,” said August. “I suspect you’ll be very pleased that when you open your property tax bill this December, you’ll see the entire line item for the state of Wisconsin missing, which means you’ll be paying less.”

August explained that the state budget is not only balanced, but it leaves a nearly $300 million balance in the state’s rainy day fund. This protects taxpayers from any future economic fluctuations that may occur. In addition, the budget included positive provisions for education by increasing funding to K-12 schools as well as freezing tuition at the UW System.

“This budget not only protects taxpayers, but it does so responsibly by leaving the state’s rainy day fund the highest in state history, and providing more money to our K-12 classrooms,” said August. “The budget we passed is not only fiscally responsible, but it also invests in education.”

Finally, August was supportive of the Transportation portion of the budget, which included both increased aids for local roads as well as the lowest level of transportation bonding in over a decade. The budget also included multiple transportation reforms, including the repeal of prevailing wage, which will reduce the costs of state projects. Another reform will create more accountability at DOT to oversee both the size of the Department of Transportation and project costs.

“The budget is the most important bill the legislature considers every session,” said August. “I voted for the bill because this state budget builds upon our past reforms and continues to put taxpayers-first.”

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