MADISON…Representative Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) voted this week in favor of the
Foxconn plan, which would boost the local economy by creating up to 13,000 good-paying
careers. The legislation would pave the way for Foxconn to locate its new state-of-the-art
manufacturing campus in southeast Wisconsin with an estimated $10 billion investment by the company. The jobs-hub will have a payroll of over $700 million and be one of the largest
manufacturing campuses in the world.

“I support this legislation because it is a career creator and will mean an economic boon for our area,” explained August. “This week, we confirmed that in Wisconsin we are willing and able to move at the speed of business to ensure Foxconn locates in our state.”

In addition to the $10 billion investment, the 13,000 careers will have an average salary of
$53,875, plus benefits. As the largest economic development project in Wisconsin’s history, the impact on the state’s economy is expected to be over $11 billion. In fact, the supply chain needs that will be met by Wisconsin companies is estimated to be $4.6 billion annually.

“By passing this plan, we are working to ensure a healthy economy for future generations,” said August. “Working with President Trump and Governor Walker, we are now importing jobs not only to the US, but to the great state of Wisconsin.”

August emphasized that Wisconsin was in fierce competition with not only other states, but other countries around the globe. In addition to being a top ten state to business in, Wisconsin was chosen due to significant resources like a hard working workforce as well as a world-class education system.

“Imagine that of all the places in the world, Foxconn chose Wisconsin to build its first ever LCD manufacturing plant outside of Asia,” said August. “It is clear that our message that ‘Wisconsin is Open for Business’ is resonating.”

August dismissed partisan criticisms of the bill that ranged from tax credits to streamlined
environmental measures. The tax credits that Foxconn will claim are performance based and
include clawback provisions for taxpayers if the company doesn’t fulfill its projections. The
incentives offered by the legislation are similar to what other states were offering. August also explained strong environmental protections will remain in place for the economic development project.

“Don’t be fooled by the partisan attacks perpetrated by some in the liberal media that claim this bill would hurt the environment, which is flat out wrong,” said August. “Our state’s strong
environmental protections remain in place. The bill simply cuts government red tape and
streamlines the process to get these good paying careers here as soon as possible.”

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