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Madison… Representative Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan) was proud to have her Assembly colleagues join her today to pass Assembly Bill 317.

AB 317 is an essential part of the Assembly’s Red Tape Review project, and it builds on initiatives by the governor to clean up outdated and burdensome rules. AB 317 provides more legislative oversight on the rulemaking process, an expedited process to repeal outdated and burdensome regulations, and it creates a standard process to continually review agency rules.

“When regulations no longer authorized by law are left on the books, it creates confusion for the public and businesses who are regulated by them. The expedited process to repeal rules is needed to provide relief to the regulated community as soon as possible,” stated Ballweg.

The Assembly also passed AB 42, better known as the REINS Act, and SB 100, which sets a deadline for completing a new rule that is authorized to ensure regulations stay current.

“Our actions today show that the Assembly is serious about cutting burdensome red tape and cleaning up regulations,” said Ballweg.

AB 317 will now go before the State Senate for consideration.

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