Contact: Olivia Hwang, 608.266.5504

MADISON, WI. – Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) released the following statement this evening after reviewing the Republican Joint Finance Committee transportation plan:

“Republicans spent more than two months squabbling with each other and this is the result – a spending plan that still doesn’t create a sustainable funding solution, that is littered with political pork for their buddies, and sneaks in non-budget policy changes that strip local control from counties, towns, and cities across Wisconsin. Maybe we should have sent legislative Republicans back to school today because, yet again, they are failing.

Wisconsin families deserve real solutions that address our crumbling roads and failing bridges. Wisconsin families deserve a government that relies less on debt. They deserve a government that is honest that the Republican solution means drivers will continue to spend more on front-end alignments and road delays out of their family budget. Republicans want to push the costs off onto our children. Republicans want to lower wages for transportation construction workers. That is not the future Democrats want for Wisconsin. We can and must do better.”

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