MADISON – Representative Peter Barca (D-Kenosha/Racine) released the following statement on the WEDC Board of Directors membership change:

“I have served on the WEDC Board since its creation and have fought at every turn for greater transparency, heightened effectiveness, and protections for state taxpayers while providing Wisconsin companies and entrepreneurs the support they need to grow their business operations in our state.

I am proud to have worked closely with Senators Julie Lassa and Tim Carpenter to implement common sense reforms and advocate for successful economic development programs. While there is still enormous work to do and we often had challenges obtaining support for proposed reforms I am especially pleased we put in place a fraud detection program which we are trying to strengthen legislatively, we have more detailed and transparent reports on past due loans, adopted recommendations from the Legislative, and we have strengthened initiatives such as the Historic Building Rehabilitation Credit.

Most recently I have worked internally with Senator Carpenter to ensure that the full board would be given sufficient time to review the contract related to Foxconn before it is executed. We are also currently offering legislative proposals to boost transparency for WEDC Board operations, addressing outsourcing, and ensuring the state is accurately tracking and verifying job creation.

I am pleased Representative Dana Wachs will be joining the Board as he has always been a thoughtful and insightful legislator, and will make an excellent addition to the WEDC Board. Representative Wachs will certainly advocate for good government and successful job creation policies at WEDC.”

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