CONTACT: Representative Terese Berceau
(608) 266-3784

State Representative Terese Berceau (D – Madison), issued the following statement regarding the abhorrent anti-Semitic vandalism discovered in James Madison Park yesterday:

“I want to acknowledge with gratitude the response of so many in our community to the horrific and hatefulact of defacing a monument against fascism in our city. Importantly, this monument stands outside of oneof our community’s treasures, a synagogue that is one of the fourth-oldest in the nation, and used to serveas a gathering place for many religions and important events in our diverse community.

“I am proud to live in a city that will not stand for intolerance and intimidation of any members of our community.

“To those who committed this heinous act, I hope you are found, held accountable, and apologize for your offense. Please educate yourself on the essence of who we are in this country and this city: that we believe all people are equal under God and the law, and we acknowledge that by treating each other with dignity and respect. If you believe you deserve respect, earn it by coming forward to make amends.”

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