Contact: Rep. Jill Billings
(608) 266-5780

Madison, Wisconsin — Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly took up the Foxconn bill for a final floor vote. Rep. Jill Billings (D-La Crosse) released the following statement after the vote:

“Our state’s economy is lagging and we rank dead-last in start-ups, but this isn’t for lack of talented, hard-working Wisconsinites,” Rep. Billings said. “If we take a fraction of the money we are pouring into a foreign company and instead invest it in homegrown Wisconsin businesses, I am confident we would be a national leader in entrepreneurship.”

“Giving away $3 billion tax-payer dollars and greenlighting a project that threatens our environment while taking away funding from our roads and schools is incredibly unwise,” Rep. Billings continued. “I could not, in good faith, vote for this bill knowing full well that the hard-working Wisconsin families who will shoulder the financial burden are rightfully opposed to this blatant corporate giveaway.”


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