Contact: Rep. David Bowen
(608) 266-7671

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Rep. David Bowen (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement concerning allegations of unwanted sexual advances by Rep. Josh Zepnick:

“Representative Zepnick’s comments and lack of sincere apology to the two brave women who came forward to report unwanted advances towards them is woefully inadequate. Blaming victims for a delay in coming forward when they fear personal and professional retribution is out of line.

“While I am sympathetic to Rep. Zepnick’s struggle with addiction and applaud his commitment to sobriety, that is no excuse for his actions toward women and staffers for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and in the state legislature. We must demand more of ourselves to respect, protect and uplift women. The status quo has led to too many #MeToos. We should be better than that and I am committed to following the lead of women until we are.

“I am reinforcing the call for Rep. Zepnick to resign immediately.”

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