MILWAUKEE – Following Governor Walker’s fourth budget address, Rep. David Bowen

(D-Milwaukee) issued a word of caution to Wisconsinites who may be eager to forget the

cruel treatment our public schools and working families have endured in the last three

Republican budgets.

“While any increase in funding is better than the severe cuts forced on schools in recent

years by the governor and his legislative allies, the mild per pupil increase in this

proposed budget is still only a fraction of the more than $2 billion Republicans have cut

from K-12, tech schools, and universities,” Bowen said.

In welcoming a new appropriation for the Earned Income Tax Credit, Rep. Bowen

reminded taxpayers that Gov. Walker’s sharp reduction of this vital credit for low-

income Wisconsinites was among Walker’s earliest broken promises shortly after

entering office as governor – a significant tax increase on hard-working, low wage

families during the toughest economic times in a generation. At the same time, the

governor and the Republican legislature gave significant tax breaks to the wealthy.

“For six years now, working Wisconsin families have struggled to make ends meet under

Gov. Walker’s tax increases,” said Bowen. “It’s positive news that this budget would hit

the pause button on his cruel treatment of the working poor, but it is highly suspect that

he’s waited until his re-election budget to have a sudden change of heart.”

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