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(608) 267-2367

Madison, Wisconsin — State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R- Menomonee Falls) has joined with several other State Representatives to ask for an up or down vote on Assembly Bill 94 authored by State Representative Joe Sanfelippo (R- New Berlin). The measure would require the Department of Corrections (DOC) to recommend that anyone who commits a crime while on probation or parole automatically be referred back to court to have their probation or parole revoked. The bill has received a hearing in the Assembly Committee on Corrections and is waiting to be voted out of committee before it can be brought to the floor of the Assembly.

“Safety has to be our first priority, if we are not safe, we have no quality of life whatsoever,” Brandtjen said. “Milwaukee is experiencing a spike in crime, partly because criminals know that they won’t be punished. What kind of message do we send when criminals who are out of jail on parole or probation can commit crimes without consequences?” Brandtjen asked. “This bill is a first step in showing that we take crime seriously here, not just in Milwaukee but all across Wisconsin.” Brandtjen said.

Representative Brandtjen represents parts of Milwaukee, Butler, Menomonee Falls, Richfield, and Lisbon as well as the entire Village of Lannon and the Town of Erin.

Rep. Brandtjen can be reached at her office in Madison by phone or e-mail.

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