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Madison, WI— Today, the State Assembly approved August Special Session Assembly Bill 1. The bill establishes the parameters for Foxconn to establish a state-of-the-art facility in Wisconsin.

“One of my top priorities since taking office has been to create opportunities for the hardworking people of Wisconsin to provide a better life for their children.  That is usually easier said than done, but Foxconn is providing us with a rare opportunity to invigorate Wisconsin’s rich tradition of manufacturing and usher in a new age of family-supporting and good-paying jobs,” said Representative Rob Brooks.

The proposed partnership with Foxconn will require 10,000 construction jobs over each of the next four years to construct the state-of-the-art complex. Once the facility is complete, Foxconn is expected to employ up to 13,000 individuals earning an average salary of $53,875, plus benefits. In addition to the direct jobs, the project is anticipated to create more than 22,000 indirect jobs and induced jobs throughout Wisconsin.

The legislation provides funds to the Department of Workforce Development to facilitate worker training programs to prepare Wisconsinites for employment at Foxconn and throughout the state. Funds will be allocated to connect businesses throughout the state with Foxconn to provide services and products.

The Foxconn legislation also cuts red tape and administrative burdens to streamline and expedite the permit process with regards to environmental regulations. The bill does not change a single regulation and all land, air, water, and waste quality standards will remain intact.  Foxconn will still be required to complete a federal environmental impact study, but will avoid the duplicative state process. The proposal places new standards on Foxconn with regards to wetland mitigation. The legislation actually increases the requirements from a 1.2 acre replacement value to 2 acres that will need to be mitigated for each acre that is disturbed.  The proposal additionally requests that any mitigation be done in the immediate watershed, if possible.

“Protecting our state’s valuable resources is of great importance to me and this proposal achieves that goal. From an environmental standpoint, this is a common sense proposal. While the bill allows expedited permitting processes, it maintains stringent environmental standards. The environment and natural resources will still be safeguarded,” said Representative Rob Brooks.

The legislation now moves to the State Senate for further consideration.

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