Contact: Rep. Rob Brooks
(608) 267-2369

Madison, Wisconsin — Representatives Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) and Dan Knodl (R-Germantown) issued the following statement regarding moving Wisconsin forward through civil discourse and unified principles:

“Our foremost goal as elected officials is to move Wisconsin forward and provide a better quality of life for our constituents. Accomplishing this goal requires us to set aside differences and unify behind our core principles of limited government, lower taxes, and personal freedom.

Wisconsin’s future is bright, our economy is robust and our workforce is among the nation’s best. Moving forward as a state requires uniting behind a set of commonly held principles and recognizing that we serve the people of this state. Our constituents demand civil discourse, collaboration, and ingenuity. Civil discourse has been a focal point of our republic since its founding. We must, for the good of Wisconsin and the people who entrust us to represent them, hold ourselves to a higher standard and be the change that continues moving Wisconsin forward. Vitriol has become commonplace in political discourse and as a result, has precipitated a profound distrust of government and elected officials. We have an opportunity to reverse this course and show Wisconsinites that their interests and concerns are our foremost priorities. At the end of the day, we are all hard-working, God-fearing people who love Wisconsin and its people. Our desire to move Wisconsin forward must take precedent over our own self-interest and desires.”

As we work through our remaining legislative priorities for this session, it is imperative that collaborative and robust dialogue exist between both houses of the legislature and Governor Walker. Doing so will ensure that bold, conservative reforms are enacted and not mere talking points. Tax relief; expansion of educational opportunities for families; investment in job training programs; the elimination of burdensome regulations; and college affordability, to name a few, are a reality, today, because we all put our  differences aside and did what was best for the people of Wisconsin.”



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