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Madison, WI—Today, Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 12, authored by Representative Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) and Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville), into law.

Senate Bill 12 is a technical fix to last session’s Act 175. This act allowed counties and municipalities to consolidate health departments and gave counties greater flexibility in accessing county levy to finance these entities. Initially, county-county and city-county consolidation were included in the bill language, but an amendment was offered and passed to include city-city and multiple municipal local health departments. Governing bodies for consolidated health departments were required to use either equalized valuation or a per capita determination to prepare their budget for the following year.

“Several communities were interested in or have already established multi-jurisdictional health departments, but employed neither of these budget methodologies,” said Rep. Rob Brooks. “As a result, I authored Senate Bill 12 which permits entities interested in consolidating health departments to formulate a budget using their method of choice. This bill allows more local control for those governing bodies that seek to consolidate health departments. So long as these entities can agree on a budgetary method, they should be allowed to use the process of their choosing,” Rep. Rob Brooks stated.

Senate Bill 12 is Rep. Rob Brooks’ first piece of legislation to be signed into law during the 2017-19 session.


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