Contact: Rep. Rob Brooks, (608) 267-2369

Madison, WI—Today, State Representative Rob Brooks (R-Saukville) supported legislation to allow terminally-ill patients to utilize investigational treatments and possess cannabidiol (CBD oil).

“I am proud to be an advocate of hope for the terminally-ill,” said Rep. Rob Brooks. “These experimental treatments could have a positive impact on quality of life and I want to ensure that the government doesn’t impede a doctor-patient healthcare decision for these individuals. The treatment choice is ultimately left to the patient and physician.”

AB 69, known as “Right to Try,” permits the terminally-ill to try experimental devices and drugs after exhausting all other available treatments. These drugs and devices have already passed the FDA’s Phase I clinical trial. Patients must have a physician’s recommendation and be deemed ineligible or unable to participate in a clinical trial.

The Assembly passed “Right to Try” and the bill now moves to the Senate.

Additionally, the Assembly passed AB 49/SB 10. The bill permits patients with certain medical conditions to possess CBD oil, a non-hallucinogenic derivative of marijuana. A physician’s approval is also needed to possess the medicinal oil.

“People with seizure disorders are already experiencing positive effects from CBD oil,” said Rep. Rob Brooks. “Now, CBD oil will be expanded for treatment of other illnesses and a governmental barrier is being removed. I’m pleased to give those who suffer another option.”

AB 49/SB 10 has already passed the Senate and now moves to Governor Walker’s desk for his signature.

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