November 7, 2017

Contact: Jonathan Brostoff, (608) 266-0650

Rep. Brostoff Calls for Foxconn Transparency

Assembly Democrats introduce resolution to give the public access to view Foxconn contract

MADISON, WI – Today, Representative Brostoff (D-Milwaukee) voted to bring transparency to the $3 billion Foxconn deal by requiring that the contract be posted publicly on WEDC’s website prior to their closed-session vote scheduled for Wednesday, November 8th.

“The Foxconn deal is the worst example of extreme corporate welfare in our nation’s history. Why are they circumventing our courts? Because they plan to threaten our environment. Why are they pushing through the contract in secret without allowing public scrutiny? Because it’s a horrible deal for Wisconsin – that’s why. It’s a straight up con job! Why didn’t Walker mention it in his campaign kick-off speech? Because he’s ashamed of it that’s why!” stated Rep. Brostoff. “It’s an embarrassment, and if I were Walker I would be running away from it too.”

After pressure from Wisconsin Democrats and Republican leadership, WEDC Secretary Mark Hogan released the contract to WEDC Board members Monday morning, but Hogan indicated the public would not be able to review the contract until it is already signed. A Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis concluded the state would not recoup the $3 billion in tax credits until 2043 at the earliest.

“Secrecy and extreme corporate welfare are not Wisconsin values, but good government and transparency are. It’s time we bring those values back to Wisconsin,” Rep. Brostoff concluded.

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