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Madison – Today, the State Assembly passed Special Session Assembly Bill 1 (AB 1) to allow Foxconn to build an LCD manufacturing plant in Wisconsin.

“This deal has gone wrong in so many ways,” said Rep. Dave Considine (D-Baraboo). “AB 1 lets Foxconn bypass virtually all environmental regulations that apply to them and gives them generous financial breaks. We are handing out giveaways to a company from Taiwan with no ties to Wisconsin and no assurances that they’ll give back to our communities or treat their employees – our citizens – with respect. On top of that, my colleagues in the majority haven’t even given legislators enough time to fully consider and debate this bill, let alone give the public a chance to share their thoughts.

“We all want good, family-supporting jobs for Wisconsin citizens, but Governor Walker and my Republican colleagues are taking this too far, too fast. It makes no sense to rush through legislation that gives Foxconn a free pass on our state’s resources when we don’t even have a state budget yet. Among many other reasons, that is why I don’t support this bill and why I have very serious concerns about this plan. We cannot afford to be giving our resources and talent away to an overseas company with no ties to our great state.”

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