Contact: Rep. Crowley, 608.266.5580

MADISON, WI – State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee), Chair of the Milwaukee Legislative Caucus, issued the following statement in response to Assembly Republicans voting in favor of Assembly Bill 24.

“Today, I am ashamed to sit in a legislative body that is charged with making life better for the people of Wisconsin but passes legislation that will take jobs away from Wisconsin families. Thanks to the last six years of legislation passed by this body, Wisconsin leads the nation in middle-class shrinkage and suffers from historically high rates of poverty. Restricting local governments from using project labor agreements will make it easier to give jobs to cheaper and most often less qualified out-of-state workers.

“The most appalling part of this was the 384 total Republican votes against Wisconsin. The six Democratic amendments offered today prioritized Wisconsin contractors, Wisconsin workers, veterans, minorities, and women. These would be common sense amendments to legislators who really wanted to make life better for their constituents. It is fair to say that Republicans continue to put special interests over the hard working men and women of Wisconsin. Shame on you.”

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