MADISON, WI – State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee), issued the following statement in response to the Assembly Jobs Committee hearing on proposed Foxconn legislation.

“First, let me be clear: I support creating jobs in Wisconsin, for Wisconsinites. However, the legislative process surrounding this particular proposal is moving too fast for any of us to make an informed and accurate decision about whether or not to support the Foxconn legislative proposal put before us today. Given the lack of details we have on a bill that would cost the state in excess of $3 billion, it would be irresponsible of us to move forward with it at this time. I cannot support this legislation without first seeing more details, including the actual contract with Foxconn which has not even been negotiated and written yet.  I encourage my fellow legislators to exercise the same caution that I am.

“I also have a number of concerns about the lack of environmental stipulations and labor standards that the Foxconn deal would bring to Wisconsin. Foxconn has a troubling history of labor abuses and of disregarding environmental regulations in order to meet their bottom line. What guarantees can Governor Walker or the executives at Foxconn give Wisconsin that will alleviate these concerns?

“Finally, for me to support this legislation, we must ensure that the thousands of Milwaukee’s unemployed and underemployed have the opportunity and the ability to take advantage of these family supporting jobs. That means creating a public transit option, connecting the City of Milwaukee with the proposed job site locations. If we are serious about this legislation creating jobs for Wisconsin residents, this is an essential step towards accomplishing that goal.

“Wisconsin should invest in new jobs, this much is clear. However, it is hard to vote for or against a deal that I have little necessary details on. We need to guarantee that we have the details of the deal before we sign off on it and demonstrate that we are also committed to creating the ability for Wisconsin citizens living in the region to get to these potential new job.”

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