Rep. Crowley


MADISON, WI – State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee), Chair of the Milwaukee Delegation, made the following statement in response to Governor Walker’s Budget Proposal.

“With his fourth budget proposal, Governor Walker kicked off his re-election campaign this afternoon, banking on a collective amnesia of Wisconsin residents. The Governor must believe that nobody is going to remember that it was his previous budgets that created the damage that he is now attempting to repair.

“For the past six years, Democrats have fought against a series of cuts to public education and the UW System authored and supported by Governor Walker. These budget cuts have been used directly to fund extensive tax breaks for the wealthy elite, while simultaneously reducing tax breaks, like the Earned Income Tax Credit, which benefit hard working low to middle class Wisconsinites. While I am pleased that the Governor seems to now understand the failure of the last six years of his leadership, I will not give credit where none is due.”

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