Contact: Rep. Crowley, 608.266.5580

MADISON, WI – State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee), Chair of the Milwaukee Delegation, made the following statement after the Progressive Workgroup unveiled tax reform legislation.

“I am proud to stand today with my Democrats colleagues in sponsorship of this common sense tax reform legislation. Over the past three decades, wages for Wisconsin workers have remained stagnant, while the top 1% have reaped all the benefits. Low and middle income families today make approximately what they did in the late 1980’s, yet are responsible for paying the largest percentage of their income of any group in state and local taxes. That is not fair and it is about time that we as elected officials do something about it.

“That is exactly what my colleagues and I aim to do with this legislation. This bill would put more money in the pockets of almost 50% of Wisconsinites. That is more money in the pockets of over 1.4 million workers that desperately need and deserve a raise. It is time that elected officials in Wisconsin do the job that they were elected to do and help their constituents, not their wealthy campaign donors. For too long Wisconsin working families have been exploited by the greed of corporate interests and wealthy elites. This legislation will give low and middle class families the tax relief they deserve and ensure that corporations and wealthy elites pay their fair share, moving Wisconsin forward together.”

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