MADISON, WI – State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee), Chair of the Milwaukee Delegation, made the following statement in response to the passage of Assembly Bill 299, relating to imposing a gag rule on Wisconsin college campuses.

“It amazes me that Wisconsin Republicans can support a bill aimed at protecting free speech by limiting free speech. Currently, there are already numerous laws on the books that protect free speech and punish those who are violent or disruptive. The crisis that Wisconsin Republicans are addressing in this bill is a manufactured one aimed at limiting exposure to differing opinions and creating extreme, unwarranted, and unnecessary punishments for exercising your right to protest. Under Assembly Bill 299, the mandatory suspension and expulsion pieces would create the only non-academic action to carry such penalties and make the punishments harsher than those for students who commit sexual assault or rape. This cannot be what we focus on in the Wisconsin legislature.”

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