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MADISON, WI – State Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement regarding the 2017-2019 Wisconsin Budget:

“The submitted budget was not worth the two month wait. Instead of addressing pressing community, transportation, and healthcare issues, this budget kicks the can down the potholed road. This budget does not address Wisconsin’s dismal ranking as the worst place in the United States to raise a black child. This budget does not address our crumbling infrastructure, and it fails to plan for the public transportation innovation that large, job-creating companies wish to see. This budget chooses to ignore these pressing issues, and instead carves out tax breaks for a small minority, such as the 50 millionaires who stand to gain from the elimination of the alternative minimum tax, and the golf-course owner who will gain from the $4 million in upgrades to a tiny, rarely used airport near his course.

“The priorities reflected in this budget do not reflect the priorities that motivated me to serve this state. We can create opportunities for all Wisconsinites by creating innovative transportation networks that will deliver workers to businesses that need them, by funding technical college tuition to enhance our workforce, by providing greater access to early childhood education to benefit all our children, and by reducing the disparities faced by people of color. This budget’s failure to provide for the Wisconsin’s lower and middle classes will create further problems, and continue the alarming growth of income inequality that we have seen under Republican leadership.”

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