Contact: Rep. James Edming (608) 266-7506
Sen. Jerry Petrowski (608) 266-2502

MADISON – Today, the Assembly Committee on Environment and Forestry voted unanimously to recommend passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 416, authored by Rep. James Edming (R-Glen Flora) and Sen. Jerry Petrowski (R-Marathon). AB 416 increases the wild animal protection surcharge for the poaching of trophy deer.
“Deer hunting is one of Wisconsin’s most important sporting traditions,” said Rep. Edming. “When someone poaches a deer, they are taking away an opportunity from a law-abiding hunter. The higher penalties under AB 416 would provide a much stronger deterrent to the poaching of trophy deer.”

AB 416 increases the penalties under the wild animal protection surcharge for the illegal taking of trophy deer. Under this bill, the maximum penalty would increase to $2,000 for a deer with antlers measuring between 125 and 149 inches, $5,000 for a deer with antlers measuring between 150 and 169 inches, and $10,000 for a deer with antlers measuring 170 inches or more. Poachers are able to make thousands of dollars on the black market selling antlers and other parts of a trophy buck, making this increased penalty necessary.

“Honest hunters in Wisconsin work hard managing their land and planning their hunt and a poacher can spoil it all in an instant,” said Senator Petrowski. “In order for us to protect Wisconsin’s reputation for large bucks and keep future generations excited about hunting, we must do everything we can to disincentive poaching.”

AB 416 now awaits scheduling before the full Assembly.

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