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Rusk County legislator supports two bills to increase access to treatment for patients

MADISON – Today, Representative James Edming (R-Glen Flora) voted in support of two proposals that expand treatment options for patients in Wisconsin.

Assembly Bill (AB) 69, better known as the “Right to Try” bill would give terminally ill patients, who have exhausted all other available treatment options, access to treatments that have passed basic safety testing by the Food and Drug Administration but are still undergoing the long approval process.

“I am a proud supporter of AB 69 because it gives hope to people who are running out of treatment options,” said Rep. Edming.  “A person with a terminal illness does not have the luxury of waiting for these drugs to hit pharmacy shelves.  This legislation gives them the right to try something that could improve their quality of life and give them more time with their loved ones.”

AB 69 has cleared the State Assembly and now moves on to the State Senate for consideration.

Senate Bill (SB) 10, would allow patients with certain medical conditions to possess CBD oil with approval from a doctor.  This non-hallucinogenic oil derived from marijuana has been shown to help people who suffer from seizure disorders.

“I was pleased to join with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to move this legislation forward,” said Rep. Edming.  “As a co-sponsor of this legislation, I look forward to Governor Walker signing this legislation into law.”

SB 10 passed both houses of the legislature with wide bi-partisan support and now goes to Governor Walker for his consideration.

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