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Madison… The Committee on Joint Finance approved a budget motion submitted by State
Representative Bob Gannon, R-West Bend, today that would grant the Milwaukee Innovative
Network for Education (MINE) initiative startup funding for its Building Occupational Skills for
Success (BOSS) program.

“Throughout the hearings that the State Committee on Urban Revitalization has held, we have heard time and time again about generational poverty being one of the biggest issues that urban areas face,” said Chairman Gannon, “I’m excited to lend my support to the City of
Milwaukee’s efforts to empower citizens from economically disadvantaged communities, to
break the cycle of generational poverty.”

This motion supports the collaborative effort between the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Schools and the State of Wisconsin. This type of out of the box thinking will strengthen
communities by preparing students for both employment and entrepreneurship. Once the City of Milwaukee has contributed its share of the funds to this program, the state will add the designated money set aside by the Committee on Joint Finance. The curriculum that is created will be available to schools throughout the state after its first year.

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