Contact: Rep. Bob Gannon

Madison, Wisconsin – In 1993 super star defensive end Reggie White agreed to come to Green Bay to play for our Packers. Prior to this announcement Green Bay was not known as a landing spot for the elite players of the league, and our mediocre won/loss record attested to that.

Green Bay Packer management shook things up in 1992 by hiring Ron Wolf as general manager, Mike Holmgren as coach, and Ray Rhodes as defensive coordinator. The Packers quickly gained the respect of the players in the league that they were a serious contender and a great place to call home.

Wisconsin’s economic development scenario has evolved in a similar manner. Through the leadership of Governor Walker and a Republican legislature over the last six years, Wisconsin has retooled our business image. Pieces of that revision include, but are not limited to, tax reforms for residents and businesses, regulatory reforms, lawsuit reforms, and right to work legislation protecting union as well as nonunion employees.

I’ve been briefed on the economic and logistical impact that the Foxconn development means to Wisconsin. If we can agree that Reggie White moving to Green Bay put the Packers on the radar for the best players in the league, then Foxconn selecting Wisconsin as the home of their first American high tech manufacturing facility has put your state on the radar of every growing business in the world.

The waves of economic activity from this will be felt throughout the state. Making the deal for Reggie White was the beginning of the rise of the Packers in success and respect, and I believe the negotiating of a deal with Foxconn will lead to the same level of winning for economic development for our fine state.


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