CONTACT: Rep. Evan Goyke
November 29, 2017 608.266.0645

MADISON – Today Rep. Goyke conducted a policy briefing to the state legislature on the Wisconsin prison system. During the briefing, the audience learned that there is a steady growth in the number of adults in Wisconsin prisons, while there is a decline in the number of juveniles in Lincoln Hills.

The briefing included an analysis of the State of Wisconsin’s correctional system, an examination of reforms adopted in conservative states across the country, and a discussion of upcoming legislative solutions.

The information presented is contained in the work Inmate 501, written by Rep. Goyke and available at:

Following the briefing at the State Capitol Rep. Goyke commented, “Wisconsin’s corrections system is currently on an unstainable path. These crises will take legislative leadership and a legislative solution to solve. Our prisons are overflowing and we must act swiftly to avoid major future expenses.”

This afternoon three pieces of legislation were introduced as a solution to stabilize Wisconsin’s prison population and close and repurpose Lincoln Hills.

1.) LRB 4783/1 – Repurposing Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake

· To repurpose the Juvenile Correctional Facility Lincoln Hills as an adult treatment facility.
· Juvenile prison system would be rebuilt with smaller, risk-based regionalized facilities.

2.) LRB 0522/2 – Crimeless Revocation Reform

· Instituting a maximum period of imprisonment following a “rules-only” or technical revocation of extended supervision.

3.) LRB 4858/1 – Expanding Earned Release

· Allowing prisoners to earn time toward early release from confinement of prison upon completion of risk reduction programming.

“We are quickly approaching a major decision point –Do we build more prisons and/or send inmates to out of state institutions at a high cost to taxpayers or do we institute reform? I will continue to make the case for reform and I stand ready to work with my majority party colleagues on how to solve the looming crises in our correctional system.”

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