MADISON – State Representative Evan Goyke (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement regarding yesterday’s passage of legislation by the State Assembly to benefit the possible construction and operation of a Foxconn manufacturing site in Wisconsin:

“Today I registered my position against 2017 Special Session Assembly Bill 1, the Foxconn legislation. I could not be present to vote against, as I am traveling with my wife on our honeymoon. I have thus far never missed a vote in my legislative career and I regret that I could not be at the Capitol in person.

Beyond the major gamble, one likely too risky for the private market, the Foxconn deal is unfair to traditional small business owners out there paying taxes and following the rules. The message is clear to Wisconsin small businesses: ‘Sorry, employing five people isn’t enough to garner large State-driven incentives. You will have to pay your bills in full, call when you’re able to make a headline or a re-election commercial.’

Imagine the changes we could see, in every corner of the state, if the proposed unprecedented cash payments for Foxconn were shared among Wisconsin’s existing small businesses. Communities in every corner of the State could see a direct benefit, and taxpayer risk would be greatly reduced.

It is my hope that through the legislative process in the Senate amendments will be adopted that will improve the legislation and produce a bill that I can support.”

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