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AB 62 will allows more veterans to claim credit under the WRS for military service


(MADISON) – Rep. Gary Hebl today announced a bill that he authored – which would expand opportunities for Wisconsin’s returning veterans to receive creditable service under the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) – has been formally introduced and referred to the Assembly Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs.


Currently, an employee participating in the WRS may receive one year of creditable service under the WRS, up to four years of military service credit, at the time they retire. However, current state law offers creditable service only for military service prior to 1974. Assembly Bill 62 would update Wisconsin state statutes to also allow creditable military service under the WRS for veterans who served in post-Vietnam War military engagements.


“AB 62 will have a tangible impact for veterans across our state who have served their country and now work as state employees,” Hebl said. “This bill demonstrates our appreciation to our veterans by allowing them to use their years in active duty as creditable service in the WRS.”

The pre-1974 requirement was written into law more than three decades ago. Hebl said that in order to create a fair and equitable system and to show proper gratitude to veterans who have served since 1974, Wisconsin needs to update the statute.


“Wisconsin has acknowledged our soldiers’ work by providing creditable military service to veterans who are now state employees,” Hebl said. “However, current law means that state-employed veterans who served in combat in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other more recent military conflicts would not be able to claim this credit. AB 62 will update the law to reflect the legislature’s commitment to all our veterans.”


Hebl said the issue caught his attention when constituents raised awareness about the outdated law.

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