Contact:  Rep. Gary Hebl, (608) 266-7678

(MADISON) –Today Representative Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie), along with several Democratic colleagues, sent a letter to Governor Walker asking that he veto several provisions in the budget that restrict local control. These measures include preventing local governments from using condemnation to acquire property for the purpose of establishing or extending recreational trails, bike trails, and pedestrian paths.

“While the power of condemnation should always be used as a last resort, we believe that it is necessary for cities, towns, and villages to retain this power,” Hebl said. “My Democratic colleagues and I, along with concerned citizens of the state, worry that this provision will also prevent communities from attempting to widen a road if it will have bicycle lanes or sidewalks. Local governments should be able to decide on what is right for their communities and not worry about micromanagement from state legislators.”

The letter also requests a veto of a provision that severely limits the ability of local governments to determine conditions for the operation of quarries in their districts. The provision limits or prohibits local governments from regulating water and air quality, noise, and hours of operation, among other restrictions.

“Local governments know what is best for their communities. The quarry provision is bad for local control and it’s bad for the environment,” Hebl continued. “We need to do away with the endless meddling in local governmental affairs. Failure to veto these measures will further enshrine the legacy Wisconsin Republicans as the party that decimated local control in our state.”

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