Contact: Rep. Gary Hebl, (608) 266-7678

(MADISON) – Yesterday afternoon Governor Walker stood before a joint session of the legislature and gave his biennial budget address. TodayRep. Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie), a member of the Assembly Committees on Education and College & Universities, released the following statement in response:

The state budget ought to reflect the needs and values of our communities and our state as a whole. It should put Wisconsin’s interests over political ambitions. It should not be used as an opportunity to posture for another re-election campaign, and it is clear that is what Governor Walker is using this budget for.

Governor Walker has been running for office since he was 22 years old. It is all he knows. He spent most of his first two terms padding his resume for a planned presidential run. Now, since that didn’t pan out, he has set his sights on running for re-election for Governor. Instead of asking himself “Will this help my constituents?” the only question he is concerned with is “Will this help me get elected?”

It is clear that he sees an increase in education funding as a talking point in another run for governor. Unfortunately for him, Wisconsin hasn’t forgotten that he has slashed funding for education by $2 billion dollars over his previous two budgets, reducing funds to K-12 schools, technical colleges, and UW schools. He is patting himself on the back for bringing back something he never should have cut in the first place.

The key to ensuring a strong future is to invest in a strong public education system, and while we finally get a budget that increases education funding, it may have come too late for many of our students.

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