Contact: Rep. Gary Hebl, (608) 266-7678

(MADISON) – Today Gary Hebl (D- Sun Prairie) announced his support for LRB 2339, a bill that would provide tax relief for middle class families throughout Wisconsin and provide a much needed boost for Wisconsin’s economy.

“This bill would provide much-needed economic support for middle class families throughout the state,” Hebl said. “Families throughout the state continue to struggle to get by in Wisconsin’s economy, and this could be the jumpstart they need to get back on their feet.”

The bill provides savings to middle class Wisconsin families by repealing the Wisconsin manufacturing and agriculture credit, which provides eleven Wisconsinites $22 million in tax breaks. Each one of those eleven people makes at least $35 million dollars a year.

“By getting rid of this giveaway to multimillionaires, we can provide the median-income Wisconsin family with an extra $600 dollars in tax relief,” Hebl continued. “Imagine what an average household in Wisconsin could do with another $600 in their pockets. It could mean being able to pay for their children’s sports gear, or being able to buy the groceries that they need. Or it might be just enough needed for a business-minded individual to start the company they have been thinking about for years but never had enough extra money to pursue.”

In total, the revenue created by this bill totals $391 million annually.

“Putting this money in the hands of middle class families means that more money will be going into local economies,” Hebl finished. “That will lead to a stronger overall economy for Wisconsin. This is a win-win situation that will get more Wisconsin families on their feet.”

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