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Madison, Wisconsin – Today, during scheduled floor debate in the Wisconsin State Assembly, the Assembly Democratic Caucus brought forward a privileged resolution (AR ##) calling for the contract currently being negotiated between Foxconn and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to be made publically available to the individuals that will finance the deal: the Wisconsin taxpayers. This call comes prior to Wednesday’s scheduled vote by the WEDC board to approve or reject the contract.

Assistant Democratic Leader Dianne Hesselbein (D-Middleton) released the following statement after Governor Walker’s Republican allies used their majority to vote down the resolution:

“It’s clearer than ever that Democrats are leading the fight to protect Wisconsin taxpayers and ensure the biggest state giveaway to a foreign corporation isn’t rigged against them. The governor and his allies in the legislature love to cling to poll tested talking points about protecting tax dollars, but their actions once again contradict their hollow rhetoric.

“The public will be financing this unprecedented corporate giveaway and deserve to see what the contract actually states before sending their tax dollars to Governor Walker and letting him funnel their money to a foreign corporation. Transparency to the taxpayer is not that hard of a concept to understand, yet my Republican colleagues continue to carry water and fall in line with the governor instead of working to protect Wisconsin residents.”

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