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Hi, this is State Representative Gordon Hintz and this is the weekly Democratic radio address.

$3 billion dollars is a lot of money.

But that’s how much Governor Walker wants to give of your taxpayer money to a Taiwanese technology company, with the hopes that they will set up shop here in Wisconsin.

This is the largest taxpayer giveaway by a state to a foreign corporation in our country’s history.

Every day this deal looks worse for Wisconsin.

In fact, the contract is so toxic, they won’t let the public see it until after it’s signed. And Governor Walker has stopped touting the deal at public events.

Let me be clear, Democrats in Wisconsin want to bring jobs and economic opportunity back to our state.

We want to address the people shortage that continues to harm our communities and businesses.
And we want to raise wages so working families can have a better standard of living.

But here’s where we disagree with the Governor.

Democrats don’t believe that giving corporations billions of dollars will address these issues.

In order to create long-term economic growth, we need to invest in Wisconsin.

That means fully funding public education at all levels.

Fixing our crumbling roads, which are the third worst in the nation.

And providing health care to more of our friends and neighbors.

We cannot achieve these policies if we are leveraging our future on a corporation whose track record of fulfilling their promises is spotty at best.

Like FoxConn, Governor Walker has a long track record of breaking promises about jobs.

During his first campaign, he told us he would create 250,000 jobs in his first term – a figure he has yet to achieve in 7 years.

He promised us that G-Tac would bring mining back to Wisconsin, creating thousands of jobs. But they packed up and left Wisconsin in 2015.

FoxConn is simply Governor Walker’s latest Hail Mary as he enters another campaign cycle.

In traveling around my community and the state, people tell me that they no longer believe the Governor’s empty promises.

They are looking for lasting solutions to make Wisconsin a state of opportunity again.

Hear the address. 

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