Madison… On Friday, Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-Balsam Lake) responded to Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Executive Director George Meyer’s claims about Assembly Bill (AB) 61. AB 61 lifts the deer feeding ban in counties where no CWD has been found. The ban would be lifted after three years of no positive CWD tests in the county where the CWD deer was found and after two years in the adjoining counties. The clock would reset if CWD was found again.

Rep. Jarchow said, “The press release today is nothing more than the typical fear mongering by George Meyer. This bill addresses outlier cases like the one in Washburn County which resulted in a feeding ban in Washburn, Polk, Burnett, and Barron Counties. There has not been another deer found with CWD in those counties since the ban was put in place in 2011.”

He continued, “This bill is not about the merits of baiting and feeding – it is about giving counties an off ramp from a never ending ban.”

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