Madison – State Representative Joel Kitchens (R-Sturgeon Bay) released the following statement following the Joint Finance Committee (JFC)’s decision to provide funding for a TMDL Study:

“I am incredibly pleased that yesterday the Joint Finance Committee approved my motion requesting funding for a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Study for the rivers of Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc and Sheboygan Counties and the streams that lie in and between the Ahnapee River watershed and the Sauk Creek watershed. I firmly believe that this study will be part of the long-term solution to the groundwater and surface water contamination issues that our district is facing. The TMDL Study will take place over four years and be run by the Department of Natural Resources. Once the study is complete, it will provide the farmers and businesses in our area with valuable information they can use for planning and management of their lands and water resources.  It will also qualify farmers for federal grants in addressing this problem.

“I think that in the future, when we have restored the rivers of Kewaunee County to their previous state as great trout streams, we will look back at this day as the first big step in that process.

“I want to thank the Conservation Departments in Door County and Kewaunee County for their support for this study, and I want to thank fellow Representatives Tittl, Kastma, Vorpagel and Krug, as well as Senators Lasee and LeMahieu, for joining me in submitting this motion and for realizing the value of this study and its potential impact. I am grateful to Cathy Pabich and the Friends of Crescent Beach for their role in getting this effort started. My biggest thank you must go to the countless constituents who showed up to our public hearings on this. Environmentalists, farmers, businessmen and everyday people came and shared their questions and comments. It was especially gratifying to hear the agriculture community express their support and willingness to work toward a solution.

“The funding for this TMDL Study must still go to Governor Walker with the budget for his signature.  I have spoken with him on the issue and I believe he understands the value in keeping this in the budget. For anyone who has further questions about the TMDL Study, please feel free to contact my office.”

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