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Madison – Today, the State Assembly voted unanimously on a voice vote to pass Assembly Bill 335, Representative Joel Kleefisch’s bill stopping deadly fentanyl drugs. This bill is groundbreaking legislation that will help stop the lethal fentanyl supply chain. Fentanyl is a powerful drug, more deadly than heroin. Currently, drug dealers and drug suppliers are able to skirt law enforcement by constantly mixing new chemical versions of fentanyl. This bill will put an end to that heinous drug supply and drug-dealing chain.

“This is world-changing legislation,” stated Representative Kleefisch. “Our bill was drafted in consultation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and this legislation is already being touted to other countries to show what the U.S. is doing to crack down on drugs, before our bill is even signed into law. This bill is in the forefront of the nation. The U.S. Congress has already replicated and introduced our bill at the federal level, and other states will follow suit with similar legislation.”

AB 335 will save lives. This bill goes after the fentanyl supply by attacking all current and future versions of street fentanyl. AB 335 helps law enforcement and saves precious law enforcement recourses due to the fact that, once this bill is signed into law, the burden of proving a fentanyl drug version is deadly will no longer fall on the backs of law enforcement.

Representative Kleefisch’s bill now heads to the Governor’s desk. The Governor should be signing the bill into law in the very near future.

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