Contact: Scott Krug

Madison, Wisconsin –Representative Scott Krug (R-Rome) is pleased to have the Financial Literacy bill and Technical Excellence Scholarship bill pass the State Assembly today.

“As I said during the last campaign my top priority going into our next state budget was finding ways to increase support to our public schools. Currently the Governor, the State Senate, and the State Assembly all propose to significantly increase K-12 funding this session. I am pleased to see this and have worked to add legislative changes to our education opportunities as well”, said Rep. Scott Krug (R-Rome)

Today, the State Assembly unanimously passed AB280 requiring the schools of the State of Wisconsin to incorporate financial literacy into their curriculum. Seventy-four percent of the state school districts have some form of personal financial literacy. This bill makes sure all students in the state have the same exposure to these very important concepts. Rep. Krug and Rep. Jason Fields (D-Milwaukee) are pleased to have wide bipartisan support and look forward to the State Senate passing this bill soon.

AB266 also passed unanimously in the State Assembly today. The Technical Excellence Scholarship bill helps students in high school with exceptional trade skills obtain scholarships to attend our local Technical Colleges. Local school boards are able to create the criteria for selecting students and the State of WI and Technical Colleges will work together on funding the scholarships. AB266 is a fix to the original program that Rep. Krug authored “This fix will allow the program slots to fill up quicker by making some simple changes to eligibility requirements allowing more students to achieve their goals of attending Technical Colleges to obtain certification and degrees in their field of choice”, according to Rep. Krug (R-Nekoosa).

When our schools succeed, our local businesses and employers also succeed. In recent legislative sessions, I’m proud to have supported efforts to invest in worker training programs designed to help employees gain the skills they need to be successful and find good, family-supporting jobs. I look forward to continuing those efforts this session and beyond.

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