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Madison –Representative Scott Krug (R-Rome) along with the Wisconsin State Assembly took an important vote today for agricultural opportunities.

“Since early summer I have spoken a great deal about what I call the three H’s for this session’s remaining agenda”, said Rep Scott Krug (R-Rome). “Whether it is Hemp, Hops or the Harvest for Hope bill, I have worked hard this session to give more options for our agricultural economy that not only benefit the bottom line but also benefit the community as a whole. I’m pleased that Senator Testin and Representative Kremer made the Hemp bill a priority.”

Today’s vote to pass the industrial hemp bill is a big step for many reasons. Hemp is used in thousands of products worldwide and WI and our Midwest neighbors are net importers of hemp. We have vast agricultural areas in WI, especially in the Central Sands. We have no reason to deny our growers and producers the opportunity to grow a cash crop that can be sold anywhere in the world. Hemp has medicinal uses, food product uses, among many others.

“I’m hopeful the other two H’s of my agenda can make it to the finish line as well this session. We are finishing development of a hops related bill that will incentive brewers to use more WI grown hops.” Both hops and hemp consume less water than most other crops grown in the sensitive resource areas of the Central Sands. The Harvest for Hope bill will allow growers and processors to gather excess vegetable crops and deliver the processed vegetables to food banks in all of WI’s 72 counties.

Industrial Hemp passed the Senate and Assembly unanimously. The Harvest for Hope bill is
scheduled for a public hearing in December. Introduction of the Hops bill is pending.

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