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MADISON – Early Thursday morning, Representative Krug (R-Rome) joined his Republican
colleagues in a vote on an amended version of Assembly Bill 365. The bill passed the
Wisconsin State Assembly on a party line vote of 62-35. A vote for this bill is a vote to
protect healthcare coverage of Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions.

“In working to protect those with pre-existing conditions, I had a long conversation with a
constituent from Wisconsin Rapids who was at his wits end.” Krug explained. “ Tonight I
finally had a chance to vote for HIM and get HIM options. His feedback was humbling. “May
be a liberal but your focus on your constituents regardless of their politics is very impressive.
We need more like you in state and national government”. I will keep fighting for what’s

The amended bill provides protections for citizens across Wisconsin with pre-existing conditions by barring insurance providers from increasing premiums or deductibles on those
who have maintained continuing coverage. This bill also directs the Office of the Insurance
Commissioner to develop a plan to help those with pre-existing conditions but who have not
maintained continuing coverage. With the approval of the Joint Finance Committee, the
Office of the Insurance Commissioner will expand affordable insurance options and increase
portability of plans.

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