Madison—Representative Mike Kuglitsch (R-New Berlin) released the following statement following Governor Walker’s Budget Address:

Over the upcoming deliberations, I look forward to seeing Republican legislators working diligently to make Governor Walker’s vision come to fruition through a fiscally sound and responsible budget process.  I believe the Governor’s Budget is a really good start and over the next four months the Assembly and the Senate will have the opportunity to make changes where we see fit.

 With large majorities in both chambers, I believe we can adopt a meaningful budget that benefits all Wisconsinites and reduces taxes on our middle-class working families.  The projected surplus and positive revenue forecast for our state are a direct result of making tough decisions in past budgets and living within our means.

 I truly believe a flatter tax is a better tax and with the positive revenue projections, I feel we have an opportunity to not only make a more fair tax system, but also the ability to re-invest in our children’s education, develop worker training programs and invest in our aging infrastructure.

“Two of my goals as a legislator are to foster job creation and promote fiscal responsibility. I believe the Governor’s Budget proposal fulfills both of these goals.

 This budget proposal reflects the positive direction of our state. Because we made the tough, prudent decisions, our state is better off. We can now continue to save for a rainy day, cut taxes on Wisconsin families and expand worker training programs. I look forward to working with my colleagues to make this a budget the constituents of the 84th Assembly District can be proud of.

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