Green Bay… Governor Scott Walker gave his Biannual Budget Address earlier today. Representative John Macco (R – Ledgeview) release the following statement:

“I am encouraged by the significant tax reform in this budget. As we have seen on the Ways and Means committee, now is the time for significant tax reform,” said Rep. Macco.

“I was extremely excited to hear Governor Walker propose increases to the Be Great Graduate program that has worked so well in Brown County. I am eager to see this program expand statewide.”

“The prudent leadership we continue to see from Governor Walker is evidence that our State is on the correct path maintaining the fiscal responsibility we have seen for the past 6 years,” said Rep. Macco. “As Governor Walker stated ‘we must invest our resources where they are most needed to help the citizens of Wisconsin.”

“The work for Legislators starts now. We were just given a roughly 2,000 page document that looks promising, and we are now tasked with how to make it better for every Wisconsinite.”


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