Madison…Last week, Representative Peter Barca (D – Kenosha) announced he will be stepping down as Assembly Minority Leader at the end of this month. Representative John Macco (R-Ledgeview) released the following statement:

“If you watch the news you’d think partisan bickering is the norm. It is not. This false narrative is largely generated and manufactured by those looking to divide us. 

“The truth is on so many things we work together professionally and honorably for the people of Wisconsin. It is significant that 94% of all legislation is passed with bipartisan support. Minority Leader Peter Barca has been part of that conduit. It is unfortunate that the remaining 6% of votes are what grabs the headlines.

“Under pressure from his caucus last week, Rep. Barca announced he will be stepping down as Assembly Minority Leader. That’s too bad. Rep. Barca is an honorable standard bearer for his cause who understood the difference of staying true to his personal morals yet getting things done to benefit all of Wisconsin.

“Although we have our political differences I found Rep. Barca to be a polite professional willing to speak his mind. Often when we see each other in the halls he makes it a point to ask about my wife’s health, my kids, grandkids, and what the citizens of the 88th think on a particular subject.

“President Reagan, who had a very productive and accomplished working relationship with Tip O’Neill always said that democrats are our rivals not our arch enemies, and that an 80% friend does not make for a 20% enemy. Who the Assembly Democrats now elect will show if they believe that or not.”


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